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Lubbe Trio - Miniatyrer

LP - Released 12/9 2020


Ludvig Samuelsson - Saxophone, clarinet
Alice Hernqvist - Piano
Pelle Cassius Lambert Lindsjö - Electric bass

Recording engineer/Mix - Jesse Emmoth
Master - Christoffer Wallin
Art work/layout - Bekim Aliji


Miniatyrer is a concept about writing music with one rule: "There can only be a maximum of 8 measuers per composition". Sometimes the rule is obayed but somtimes it is not and in between the writen parts there is often improvised featuers, both individual and collective.
If you don't get all this stuff you can just sit back and enjoy the music.

(M is short for Miniatyr)

Lubbe Trio - Miniatyrer

200,00 krPrice
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